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The Companion - Wix Template To $4.5M In 55 Minutes

8.888 collectible NFTs ready to take over the Metaverse. The goal? Build the largest community.

Walid M
NFT Collection
Smart Contract, Frontend Development, Backend Development

A Marketing agency owner wanted to sell NFTs but didn't even know what metamask was and had a one page free WIX website template with no domain.

In 3 weeks, we sold out 8888 NFTs 55 minutes after launch generating around 4.5MM$, becoming the #1 collection in volume on Opensea, and garnering a discord community of 200k+ users.

The client came to us with nothing but a dream of launching a collection & a free WIX website template - so the first step was clear, let's answer the fundamental question, how are we going to make this NFT Collection sell out? These types of projects are heavily influenced by trends so we compiled reports of other collections that have been seeing huge engagement, trading volume, increase in their communities along with direct insights we had gathered from collections that we had worked with in the past.

Once we had all the info, we went through our Vision Breakdown Framework with the client to plan all of the different components and features that needed to be built and then just went full-force full-fledged development for 3 weeks leading to a 7-figure launch success.

Then, we spent the last 48 hours prior to the mint trying to break the website in every possible way, trying to find a loophole in the smart contract that a hacker could exploit, trying to find any way the mint could be ruined. For this very reason, come launch time, when tens of thousands of users entered the site trying to get their NFT, no critical bugs, issues, problems occurred - unlike so many other NFT Collections.

"This is crazy"