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Galaxis - Social Farming Campaign To 93k Twitter Followers

Building a social farming dashboard with twitter tasks, referral systems, and a leaderboard to drive hype, traction, and engagement.

Andras Kristof
Social Farming
UX/UI Design, Frontend & Backend Development

Galaxis wanted to find a way to grow the hype, traction, and engagement on social media for ahead of their token TGE.

So what did we decide to create?

A questing platform that allowed users to gain points for liking, tweeting, commenting, following, and other tasks on twitter. This paired with a referral system and leaderboard created a flywheel effect where users would be constanty incentivized to invite their network to check out the project and to push it out on social media.

It took us 1 month to build but it contributed to them achieving 93k twitter followers & over a 100M$ market cap...

Now, how did we make this decision, why did we know to build them a questing platform?

Param labs ( had just launched a revolutionary campaign that to this date has earned them almost 1 million followers on twitter, yes, on twitter! Because of this we had a huge influx of demand looking to build similar "Social Farming" platforms, and saw that the opportunity was perfect for Galaxis.

They had an upcoming TGE, needed to revive the hype around their project, and already had a strong community that could push this.

A perfect match that could only be made by developers that are immersed in the Web3 space and know what is going on.