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Billionair - 14 Days To Launch A Million-Dollar ICO

A unique platform that lets you play skill and chance games to win digital assets, physical goods, and experiences, while the fees and raffle grow the ecosystem centered around the $AIRB token and NFT ticket that drive mechanisms like buybacks, burns, and staking.

Radek Pleha
Token + ICO
Smart Contract, Web Development, Wallet Connection, Web3 Backend Development

Billionair had a great concept & vision - "A revolutionary, multi-layered blockchain gambling platform. A trustless and secure blockchain ecosystem giving you a chance to own a piece of an exponentially growing industry and get a share of the revenue from its exceptional combination of gaming, betting, and a unique raffle solution offering unparalleled excitement and utility to global audiences".

And they were now looking to launch a token + ICO to raise funding to continue to build their product & ecosystem, and reward token holders.

But, after tens of thousands invested and needing to launch their ICO ASAP to raise funds and please their investors they still had a broken MVP, product of working with a Web2 traditional development team.

The initial scope of work was clear, fix the current issues on the blockchain side of the ICO and allow users to purchase our token through the website using BNB. But no, we couldn't just keep it simple, we had to give Billionair the best chance possible to raise the most amount of funds possible. We recommended 3 main features that would remove friction from the end user and ultimately drive more sales:

  1. Accepting more types of crypto payments. We integrated the possibility to pay via BNB, BUSD, USDT, and ETH.
  2. Allowing users to use FIAT such as credit card to obtain crypto and then participate in the ICO as well.
  3. Allowing users to create an affiliate link, share with others and receive insane crypto commissions directly to their wallet when somebody purchases with their link

What was the result? A launched token within 2 weeks raising millions of dollars (at the time of writing this +$7,000,000).

The Dream Team Of Web3 Development.

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