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From Chaos To $20k In 1 Week: Reviving A Failed Web3 Project

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Ron Singh
Custom Web3 Development
Audit, Smart Contract, Frontend Development, Backend Development

After 6 months of development & $1000s they had a Smart Contract that had failed an audit and a website with a 10 second load speed and a list of 47 bugs + errors to be fixed.

So the first step to helping them launch a successful project was to pause for a moment, and completely analyze the state of everything that has been developed, instead of trying to just fix everything bug by bug and spiralling into an infinite rabbit hole. This assessment lead us to discover that the core foundation of the code was poorly structured, and we had to rebuild it from the bottom up. It's unfortunate, but it is common for clients to come to us having been burned by their previous unqualified or cheap developer, which is the reason we knew from the start that we should analyze the code before starting development.

This decision alone saved the client weeks if not months and 1000s of dollars. Here is what we learned - Most "Web3 developers" nowadays really just watched a few youtube videos and read a guide on Web3 development and now say they are industry experts. Not to mention they say they are experts in another 50 industries as well, what a coincidence. Here is their gameplan: 1) They price themselves extremely cheap 2) Projects fall for the bait as they want to save money 3) The developers start the work but then encounter roadblocks, issues finding solutions, problems with third-parties, etc. 4) They extend the originally proposed timelines, send buggy code, start becoming less communicative, and in some cases request more money 5) Burn out. More than double the original timeline has passed, you have already paid them a considerable amount, but you are so sick and tired that you have no other option but to search for a new developer. On the other hand, we are a team of developers that work on one thing and one thing only, the best of the best development for Web3 startups.

OK. So after making all of the necessary adjustments, the client was anxious to launch. But we still had to go through our QA process because you simply cannot have a project that is supposed to hold user funds have any type of issues, huge liability. So we spent weeks with the client going back and forth, testing every possible edge case to make sure the integrity and security of the platform was never compromised, and in the end, it paid off. And all of this was done, without the client having to pay for anything they didn't get. See, when being burned by a past developer, it is difficult to trust any other developers in the future. Unfortunately, this is the case for around 52% of our clients, coming from negative prior engagements with developers. This is the reason we broke down the entirety of the project in a step-by-step plan with their own quotes and timelines. From there, they only paid for what they got and approved, we worked milestone by milestone delivering one at a time and awaiting their approval before moving to the next one. A defined scope of work, a defined price, a defined timeline, no unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Officially launching a Battle-tested smart contract and full functioning Dapp and having $20k locked on the platform within the first week 2 months.

"Clearly demonstrated a high-level of expertise in the Blockchain/Defi space. They quickly understood our requirements and handled any complexities in a professional and patient manner. They are great to speak to and would always steer us in the right direction. They performed several improvements and enhancements to our project and would also accommodate if/when sudden changes were required. We’ll be working with them again on our future projects."