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Assassins Creed - 5 Days To Launch A Million $ Platform

Fixing 4 months of bugs & errors in 5 days to build "Smart Collectibles", a million-dollar digital twin NFT platform.

Jim Galis
NFT Collection
Smart Contracts, Frontend Development, Backend Development

Assassins Creed is one of the most well known and legendary games of all time, and its creator, Ubisoft, is one of the largest companies in the world. The Web3 market was booming and they saw huge potential for their brand, so it was a no-brainer to begin testing the waters in the space. The plan was to partner with Integral Reality Labs to create a "Smart Collectible" an NFT digital twin paired with an exclusive 3d physical collectible.

However, after 4 months of development and with only 1 week remaining before the launch, their system still was not operational, bugs & errors constantly came up, and the tension was starting to build.

Within 5 days of the launch, we came in, ripped out the old system, worked day and night with our whole team to build something from the ground up that was clean, smooth, effective, and most importantly, IT WORKED!  Couldn't let our favorite childhood game have a poor NFT collection!

How did we do this? The Dream Team Of Web3 Development

Hands down, this was the proudest I have been of our development team. The dedication, technical expertise, and sheer drive to be able to get a whole platform done for Assassins Creed within 5 days is nothing shy of incredible. This was only possible because our team has worked on over 50 NFT collections before, we have done dozens of Web3 credit card integrations, we have added dozens of user authentication systems before, to sum it up, we live and breathe the blockchain space. Also, working on one of the most epic games ever which was at the same time a childhood favorite, gave us all an extra kick of motivation!