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AIPEPE - $100M Meme In Less Than 24 Hours

Designing, developing, and launching a meme token that blew up to a 100 MILLION $ market cap.

Omer Hazer
Smart Contract, UX/UI Design, Frontend Development

Starting from a simple meme with a dream, and a pitch deck featuring PEPE the frog with futuristic, AI enhancements. The founding team envisioned AIPEPE to be another token that took over the Memecoin space. Just like PEPE, just like BONK, just like WIF.

In just one month, this vision was transformed into reality: a fully fleshed-out landing page accompanied by a smart contract that encapsulated all tokenomics, anti-whale measures, buy & sell taxes, and more, propelling AIPEPE to a staggering $100M market cap within the first 24 hours of launch.

The journey from concept to launch was powered by our world-class Web3 dev team. In Web3, you can go from being Hero to 0 in 2 days, trends move quick, so we had to be quicker. Within 2 weeks we were able to put together all of the tokenomics &  requested features into a token smart contract along with designing and developing a landing page for the memecoin. And the client, wasn't really knowledgable about what to include within the token smart contract, but we knew how quickly snipers/bots can ruin your project, taking large percentages of the allocation and shattering the price. So we added anti-whale mechanisms, flexible buy & sell taxes, blacklisting functionality, and exclusions.

Because of all of the hype that was generated before the project was even released, the tension and nerves from the founding team were quite high. We stayed up and scheduled dedicated testing sessions prior to the launch and had live calls to take them through the exact step-by-step process for deployment of the token, creating the liquidity pool, and enabling trading for users. It had us up until 5AM but it was all worth it.

"We're getting giga volume"