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Backers Games - From Ugly Mockup To Signing With The World's Best Esports Team

A simple, secure, and transparent e-sports crowd-staking experience. Find your favorite players, stake them, and get a piece of their winnings.

Brian Tinney
Custom Web3 Development
Smart Contract, UX/UI Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development

When we started out, all they had was an old (& quite ugly honestly) design mockup and a dream to raise 100s of thousands to fund a Web3 gaming/betting platform.

Luckily, in 2023, a large amount of projects that we had been working with were in the web3 gaming sector, and we had seen a clear transition from the old way (Metamask Login, Crypto-Native UI, Confusing & Clunky UX, Spamming Blockchain-related terminology and using Web3 hype tactics) to the new way (Traditional Web2 Login, Clean-Modern-Intuitive UI/UX, Hiding the fact that this is built on Web3 - focus is on the problem being solved). The only way to have seen this trend before it became mainstream was to work day in & day out on countless new projects in the space. The client didn't even know structuring the project like this was possible. We fully built a professional MVP that led to signing a partnership with Optic (one of the biggest esports teams in the world and launching a kickstarter campaign with over 2k+ registrations in the first 3 weeks.The Web2 feel of the platform became the driving factor as they are not a crypto-native company and needed the experience for their fanbase and users to be completely seamless.

And all of this, in less than 6 weeks.

You can even check out the interview we did with the founder, Brian Tinney, with this link

"They loved it"
"Hosting this event at the hyper X esports arena in Las Vegas"